Olde Tyme Architecture, LLC, performs residential architecture at many levels, from additions and renovations, to multi-family developments (mainly townhomes), to custom homes between $750,000 and over $2,000,000 in cost.

Much of our residential work is taking place in the mountain communities of Colorado. To view our first project in Salida, A duplex builty along the Arkansas River, please visit the owner's web site at www.salidariverfrontproperties.com. The project was sold at the framing stage, and both OTArch, LLC and the builder worked with the new owner to choose finishes and to customize the homes to the owner's expectations and tastes.

Our most recent project is a multi-building townhome development in Salida, also on the Arkansas River. Please see www.salidariverfrontcondos.com for pictures and more information. The first building is shown below.

Our recently completed  single family home at 309 Grant Street in Salida was the first home in the State of Colorado to meet the next level of Energy Star requirements. We strive to utilize the best technology available, such as radiant floor heating and spray-foam insulation, and discuss both the life-cycle and initial costs of these products and systems with our clients.

We are very involved with residential additions and remodels, and work with our clients not only to find the best design solutions, but also to keep the projects within budget. We also prefer to work with contractors during the design process, to streamline this process and to compare budget numbers for different options of each project.

Whether your project is a deck, a kitchen remodel, an addition, a scrape-off,or  a new home, we have the experience and drive to complete your project to your satisfaction!